Call for Proposals 2018

Amphibian Conservation Fund

1. Preamble

Prompted by the alarming global decline of amphibian species, zoo associations, zoos and private participants in the German-speaking region engaged actively in the conservation of this highly endangered group of animal species. The amphibian conservation program consists of a suite of measures that include amphibian conservation and research projects, conservation breeding, capacity building, specialized staff training, habitat restoration and public awareness campaigns.
A special account “Amphibian Conservation Fund” was set up for financing amphibian conservation measures. Stiftung Artenschutz (Species Conservation Foundation) holds the Amphibian Conservation Fund in trust for the zoo associations, zoos and private participants in the German-speaking region, which decide on the allocation of funds.


2. Aim, purpose and object of funding

The projects receiving funding are intended to result in conservation measures for endangered amphibian species or subspecies.

The projects funded by the Amphibian Conservation Fund should serve both, the objectives of in situ conservation and conservation-related research. Funding may also include other conservation measures if they are essential to the aforementioned aims, incluidng public awareness.