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How to support us

The Species Conservation Foundation depends on financial support to implement its goals. For that purpose the Foundation is working in cooperation with economy enterprises as well as with other supporting institutions and private donators. Being a charitable organisation with legal status, the Species Conservation Foundation guarantees the exclusive and sustainable expenditure of tax-deductible funds for the purposes of the foundation.

If you want to support the work of the Species Conservation Foundation the following options are provided:
     - Project Donator/ Project Sponsor: Support your favourite project with a sum you determine.
     - Exclusive Partnership: As a main major donor or main sponsor you can provide an exclusive support to an endangered animal species which you choose from our Species List, and contribute to the correspondent project for a period of several years (minimum contribution 25.000 € / year).
     - Region Partner: Provide an exclusive support to various projects in a selected region for a duration of several years (minimum contribution 75.000 € / year)
     - Endowment: long-term support to the foundation by increase of the foundation capital; if applicable connected with membership at the Advisory Council.
     - Fund: Setting up a business fund within the non-profit foundation structure, aiming to provide an exclusive support to single or multiple projects.
     - Legacy: Your Last Will contributes to the implementation of conservation measures for endangered animal species.