Funding Guidelines

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Funding Guidelines


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1. Funding aim and purpose

(1.1) The projects receiving funding are intended to perform conservation measures for critically endangered species or subspecies. Stiftung Artenschutz provides financial support, technical consultancy and administrative assistance in general project development and implementation.


2. Object of funding

(2.1) Stiftung Artenschutz promotes conservation projects for highly endangered species (preferably, in the IUCN category critically endangered; see
(2.2) The projects funded by Stiftung Artenschutz should serve the objectives of in-situ conservation. However, funding may also include ex-situ conservation measures, if they are sensible and essential in order to maintain threaten species or populations.
(2.3) Projects in ‘first-world countries’ such as Europe, North America or Australia, have less priority.


3. Costs and activities eligible for funding

(3.1) Activities eligible for funding

  • Direct conservation measures
  • Nature and Species conservation management
  • Monitoring and other control measures within the project’s contex
  • Habitat protection measure
  • Scientific research with direct conservation relevance
  • Local capacity building, education components and public awareness activities directed toward conservation are strongly encouraged.
  • Poverty reduction and other socio-economic support measures for local communities in the context of the aforementioned activities.

(3.2) Costs eligible for funding
All costs which are directly connected with the implementation of the project (equipment, capital, personnel costs etc.) are eligible for funding.
(3.3) Ineligible costs and activities
Stiftung Artenschutz does not accept funding requests for:

  • Research project with no direct relevance to species conservation
  • Animal welfare measures for non-endangered species
  • Pure educational projects
  • Scholarships

4. Funding recipients

(4.1) Funding recipients may be non-profit organisations, charities, NGOs, legal persons such as NGO networks or research institutions. Private persons are considered as recipients only in exception.
(4.2) Organizations should be legally registered.

5. Modes of funding

(5.1) Funding is granted on the basis of a signed legal agreement between the applicant and Stiftung Artenschutz.
(5.2) The support is given in the form of a non-repayable subsidy corresponding to planned expenditures for the project. Not expensed funds have to be returned to Stiftung Artenschutz.

6. Application

(6.1) Contents of application
Stiftung Artenschutz does not require any specific application format. The initial submission of a brief exposé is recommended. In case of appraisal, applicants should submit a full application.

Applications must include:

  • Name of the project and the project coordinator
  • Contact address
  • Project objective
  • General framework and conditions within which the project was developed
  • Concrete planned measures
  • Participating organizations / persons
  • Description of the expected results
  • Schedule
  • Cost and financial plan including information on co-financing/ contributions from other donors

The application shall emphasize the relevance for conservation and specify the general approach and the methods, particularly the involvement by parties affected.
(6.2) Application deadline
There are no fixed deadlines for the submission of funding requests. Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year.
(6.3) Stiftung Artenschutz accepts written applications (regular mail or e-mail).
(6.4) Applications may be written in German or English.

7. Proof of utilization of funds and reporting obligation

(7.1) The proper use of funds must be documented by invoices and payment receipts, staff documents and wage calculations, bank documents etc).
(7.2) The project partner shall provide written periodic reports, describing the activities performed in connection with the project and including updated cost calculations. Stiftung Artenschutz shall be entitled to use the information for public relations.

8. Legal conditions for funding support

(8.1) The project partner shall use grants in an economical, careful, and correct way and only in accordance with regulations and appropriate to the purpose.
(8.2) Applicants have no legal claim to a grant.