Donating the future - from a generation to the next


Nobody likes to think about his or her own death, but there is a responsibility to arrange affairs and create a last will and testament. The last will and testament is important and will affect the future of following generations, arrange and take care for those people and subjects who are close and near to our heart. A will should be made for the sake of clarity as it helps to ensure that your wishes will be carried out in the way that you want.

Your decision to consider the Species Conservation Foundation in your testament, guarantees that your request to conserve the diversity of nature for future generations, is also protected in the future. The Foundation is committed to using your donation carefully and responsibly for the well-being and welfare of conservation. This is a responsibility which we take seriously and will respond to at any time.

Since 2001 the Species Conservation Foundation has been devoted to the conservation of environment and wildlife. It combines and unifies zoos, NGOs, economics and finances, which together help to ensure that in the future, endangered animal and plant species find a home and following generations an environment worth living. The Species Conservation Foundation is approved as non-profit making and exempted from death duty. You can be confident that the willed portion of your estate is donated for a good purpose without tax deduction.

Your possibilities to support the Species Conservation Foundation:

You donate in form of a legacy. Appoint the Species Conservation Foundation to be an heir in your will and testament. This is the most common form of assignment of property to a non-profit organization. In your testament you will the Species Conservation Foundation to receive a certain part or a fixed sum of your estate. Heirs are obliged to follow your desire.

You arrange an inheritance contract and therefore organize your estate during your life. The contract is concluded before a notary with the Species Conservation Foundation and your relatives. With the inheritance contract you determine who your heirs are and how your estate will be used or divide. The contract is legally binding for both sides. An inheritance contract is usually closed, if one wants to agree upon a certain return, e.g. pension. One-sided alteration of the contract by any party is not possible.

By donating during your life you will be able to witness the successes of the Species Conservation Foundation. A donation is often preferred to a testament for fiscal considerations or made additionally. Tax exempt amounts can be used expertly if more than 10 years has passed between the donations.

If you want to do something good beyond your life for the conservation of nature and wildlife...

... the Species Conservation Foundation is a trustworthy partner continuing what was important to you during your lifetime.